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Shouldn't this be in cosomos? Its not a security discusion. Its a politcal rant.
Public and corporate policy both play signficant roles in data security, and indeed some of the largest breaches of data integrety that have taken place in recenty history weren't due to architectural issues, but rather SOP related ones.

Need I mention the recent loss of millions of private records from the US Department of Veteran Affairs as an example? With all of their security, the data ended up being lost because an employee took the files home to his apartment to work on. While they publicly claimed it was against policy to do so, it appears that such incidents were part of an informal SOP of the agency.

Cosmos was designed for vague philosophical and political discussions that aren't specific to the topic of security. Why do I know this? Maybe because I'm the one that originally set it up, at the request of one of the members of this site that went by the name "Terr". If I felt that this post had belonged there, I would have posted it there.

Perhaps you should contribute something to the conversation at hand if you have something intelligent to say, rather than trying to play the role of hall monitor? Thanks.