Hey guys, I need a little help here

The Setup:
1 domain with 20-30 users. 1 DC (Windows 2K Server). Functions as the GC and all FSMO roles.
Not presently connected: New Windows 2003 Standard Server (Dell)
On order: Another identical Windows 2003 Standard Server (Dell)

The Plan:
To upgrade the Windows 2K Server to 2003 Standard Server. To initially bring on the first new 2003 Standard Server as a secondary DC (Replication Partner) for redundancy. Then (when the other new 2003 Server arrives) to eventually phase out the upgraded 2K Server completely and have two brand new 2003 Servers running the whole show.

The Question:
Once I have the upgraded 2K Server running as the primary DC, and the new 2003 Server as my Replication Partner, what is the best practice for promoting the new 2003 Server to the Primary DC and demoting the 2K Server to a Replication Partner? (Basically I want to switch the DC's around). The reason is because we want to phase out the 2K (eventually) and ready the other 2003 Server (that's on order) to take over as the Replication Partner.
The basic topography I'm looking for will go in these steps:
1) Upgrade 2K to 2003 (keep as primary DC for now)
2) Add new 2003 Server as secondary DC
3) Once everything is working, switch DC's around (do I need to do this?)
4) When other 2003 Server arrives, set that up as the secondary DC and get rid of the upgraded 2K server alltogether.

More Questions:
Does it makes sense to do it this way? Should I just keep the upgraded 2K server as the primary DC until the new server arrives and then just make that the primary DC? Will the replication partner be ok, if I remove one primary DC (the upgraded 2K) and replace it with another primary DC (The 2003 Server on order)? I know this all sounds messy but it has to get done. Any help is appreciated. I've been looking at article after article with no exact reference to my issues.