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Thread: 1000 emails

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    1000 emails

    I had 1300 emails just came in my inbox..in 1 hour and another emails coming on the way...look like someone using email bomber to sent email to me.

    What is the good way to deleted all the emails I have? I did blocked those emails...and now stop already.

    I used microsoft outlook express...and I would like to delete all those spammer emails in quick way..

    Any idea?

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    Well if they are all from the same spammer you should be able to create a mail filter and send them to the trash.

    Go to Tools --> Rules and Alerts --> New Rule
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    These 1300 emails wouldn't be returned from a mail admin, would they? In which case, you may well be owned (hacked).

    Do a virus scan, preferably an online scan. An online scan will have the very latest defs.

    It sounds like more than just a case of spam. That's a lot of email per hour.
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    Also, your mail-server should be blocking these attempts. Call your ISP and fight with them.

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