It seems when I decide I want to make a post or get a decent discussion going about OSs, it takes maybe one day before someone says "This is been talked to death and it's old" or I get called a Microsoft basher.

I don't think this has been done to death and I sure as hell don't think we should stop talknig about it.


Simple, this is the OS forum, it was made to talk about OSs. That has yet to of happened very often though. The only thing we see here is questions.

So, in the near future I'll be starting another thread about Windows and other OSs. However, this is a pre warning:

Don't think for one minute someone is going to ruin it with "This is my OS is better than yours bull"....Not happening.

Maybe people would have realised this had there been more discussions on OSs here, but because people seem to think that once a thread about Unix and Windows was done it didn't need to be done again, I have to explain it:

MS-DOS is different from.... Well Windows.

Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 are not the same thing.

Windows NT was a complete re-design from Windows 95. And at that time Linux was very different than it is now.

Windows 2000 came out and so did another version of the Linux Kernel. Why did we not talk about it?

Windows XP came out as did the new Linux Kernel.... Again, another chance for discussion on new changes and features in both OSs.

Well, Windows Vista is coming. The 2.6 Kernel for Linux isn't the same thing it was, as Linus wants to slow down on adding features and start fixing up issues. Free BSD also has a new release.

We could have a GREAT discussion on the differences from past releases... And we could talk about who is using them... How do they like it?

And we are. For the Closet zelots (Windows users who pretend they only want fairness when really they are Windows zelots in the same way we have Linux zealots who ruin every discussion I try to get going here) if you think for one minute of ruining this new discussion coming up, here is a warning, I WILL delete your posts. I WILL re-open the thread if need be. We CAN talk about things without "My OS is better" and if you don't like it, select the option that says front page display, and un-tick OSs.

Windows Vista

Free BSD 6

SUSE Enterprise 10

Slackware 11

Lots of topics.