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    WindowsXP Home Edition Login Trouble

    Alright, I'm very far from being an expert when it comes to a lot of computer related things, I'm here mostly to learn, so here is my problem:

    I put in a 60GB hard drive into the family computer after making sure it was compatable. The computer picked it up and is reading from it fine (able to access files and etc.). What I wanted to do was set it up so that I could log in under my user name seperate from the "family" user name, and use only my hard drive, also making my hard drive private from theirs. I'm not sure how to go about this and I havn't been able to find a website that will help me out. Am I going to have to dual boot to do this even if I'm running Windows XP Home Edition on both hard drives? Thanks for any help.

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    Well you dont have to dual boot if you are going to be just using data of the slaved drive....

    You will need to be administrator of the machine....

    You create your user

    Then you change the security settings on the drive itself.....or create folders and set permissions on the folders so no one else (family) can access it.....unless they are admin too....

    Just make sure you add admin and system -full control

    heres a place to start


    Another real easy way would be to unplug the drive when not in use .....unless they know alot about computers...they will never know it even existed

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    Another real easy way would be to unplug the drive when not in use
    aka - removable hdd bay.. set current drive to slave, and your drive to master (have had problems with this on some hardware.. if it dosent then... Leave the drive allocation as it is.. it basicly becomes dual boot..) One warning here.. get a good HDD Caddy-- some dont provide good heat transfer.. and the drive cooks in the caddy,,
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    Thanks, both of you, appreciate the help.

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    Undies~ is spot on! those removable HDD caddies are excellent.

    Like he says, spend the little bit extra..............the ones I use have little fans in front that suck air in over the HDD.

    Stale air overheating is a real big killer of HDDs

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