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    1qa Capslock Problem

    I have a problem with my laptop which a member Powertoad5000 seem s to have had a couple of years ago 9/22/2003. It was discussed but no solution was posted.

    The problem is with emails and word, suddenly typing 1qa# randomly a couple of times within the text them putting on caps lock, and randomly putting down drop down boxes on the menu, shortly before deleting the text.

    Laptop (Toshiba Satellite running windows ME) was completely cleared down and reinstalled from manufacturers disc. Did not remove problem. Used Spybot, Adaware and Stop scanners. nothing they detected and removed made any difference. Even blocked third party cookies.

    Was a solution found or has anyone a solution/

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    The problem your discribing is an elusive one. Most speculate that it is caused by overheating or the ribbon cable from the keyboard catching noise from the laptops power supply. Unfortunatly I am unable to find a decisive resolution. Some claim the problem was resolved by adding cooling to the laptop, others point to a new keyboard. Most people that have reported this issue have stated that it persists even after reinstalling the OS so I dont beleive its software related. Good luck.

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    I had the exact same problem with a toshiba laptop. It was heat related IIRC. Most of your major electronic stores (best buy, circut city ect ect) have cooler mats that you can put under your laptop. They are USB powered and have fans mounted in them the help cool the laptop better than just the factory cooling. Bought one of these when I had my problem and it worked like a charm.

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    I have heard of this a few times. It seems to affect Toshibas that are getting on in years. So it is probably an age/heat issue.

    It is certainly not software or malware, as it is brand specific.

    Try the cooling, and do not run your machine whilst it is resting on soft furnishings, this can impede the fans/airflow.

    If the problem persists, try using an external mouse and keyboard. If that works then it would suggest that your keyboard has been damaged.

    Hopefully you have not done any lasting damage. I would recommend that you turn your machine off when you are not using it as well. Basically, older laptops were not designed to be run 24/7.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: Moved to hardware

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    Thanks for your suggestions. I think it may be the heat problem suggested as the fan never seemed to cut in very often. I will check it out or use some other method to improve cooling. I even had to type this reply via my other computer as it kept throwing me out of the reply page. It's probably time to buy a new laptop really!

    As a newby I found this site excellent. A bit over my head technically, but phenomenal response time to my query.

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