hi guys, i have a problem/question... my ISP had a bandwidth limit for users and i always go over it (i dont use p2p but i do use VoIP) so since i have an extra 160GB hdd and since all my computers are networked, i was thinking to make that extra hdd as an internet cache. problem is i donno how to make that hdd cache all the webpages that i have visited from different computers and how to make the other computers check back to the hdd and see if the webpage is cached before going and download the webpage again.

i have a cable connection but when i go over my bandwidth limit, it slows down to 28.8 Kbps so i really do need help from u guys to set up this cache (if it is possible)


PS: preferably freewares

EDIT: i do have free bandwidth from 12am to 12pm so i could update the cache at that time period

and i m running on windows XP