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    mac apple protection plan questions

    hey all whats happening

    im about to buy my first mac

    macbook 13.3 inch 1.83ghz intel core duo 1 gig ram

    my question is about the apple care protection plan... is it worth the 250$??

    and also, any tips from you mac users on how to get to know my system better?

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    go for it,

    a friend of mine had a mac powerbook. one fine day he's cleaning the screen with a wet cloth and half the screen blanked out. he was in india at the time. he got it repaired from compaq service shop and sent apple the bill. they reimbursed him the money back.

    thats a fine reason.
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    Applecare has some of the most comprehensive tech support compared to other service plans out there. The only bad thing about it is that it doesn't cover screen damage or accidental, but for $250 it is worth it. It covers full parts and labor.

    If you are not worried about tech support, then I would buy a warranty that covers the screen/accidental...since a broken screen costs $700+ to replace.

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    hex~ you need to read the fine print carefully as not all coverplans are equal.

    Cybr1d is right. You need cover for accidental damage and the screen. Also do not forget theft

    I don't know about your home insurance, but a lot of policies don't cover your property whilst off the premises that they cover. Another thing is that those which do may not cover something the value of a laptop.

    Also make sure that the cover is new for old............. IT kit depreciates VERY rapidly and a like for like is generally not available after a very short period of time.

    Maybe you take out the manufacturer's plan as a basic, but be sure to cover the missing bits elsewhere.

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