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Thread: Extortion virus code gets cracked

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    This is a really stupid idea for making cash from hacking schemes. I know people who make up to £1000 a month with botnets bloated with spyware so getting some one to buy pharmacutical drugs for there documents back is a really shitty idea and people who fall for it are giving them a virgin CC number to validate there online drug purchase so they get there shiznits back but CC when used can be traced so my guess is this wont last long the people behind it should have stuck to what works if they were want to extort money DDoS to online betting shops especially running up to the world cup would bring in a pretty penny . Sorry but i cant see this threat going places and even sorrier to the people who has been stung and fell for it as allready mentioned a bootable cd would fix the problem *sighs*
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    So, to stop this thing all I have to do is be gore, and poof my stuff comes back....

    This is like a virus holding Bill Gates hostage unless he makes money...

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    The most amusing thing about this is that this kind of behaviour has happend before, althought those times it was whole firms being attacked, their files locked and ransomed on a one-by-one basis by individual hackers.

    That the tactic has been emplyed in a viral form like this was something I expected to happen after hearing of the first occurances of these kind of attaks, although, as is noted in the first post, the password must be contained within the virus to encrypt it in the first place. If RSA had been employed, the victims would have been not-so-lucky.
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