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    Cool Unleash your inner space geek!

    This was too awesome not to share.

    You like PDA's?

    You like space - like in astronomy?

    We know you do!

    Then the Hubble Site has something for you! "Hubble on the Go" or a.k.a: "Hubble-site Mini"!

    From the site:
    Take a break in your hectic day to tour the universe. HubbleSite Mini brings you the latest Hubble updates wherever you are: at the office, waiting for a plane, riding the bus. All you need is a PDA or cell phone to get Hubble on the go.
    You just need:
    1. PDA - with color if possble
    2. AvantGO
    3. Sign up - it's free

    More details: http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/hub...bblesite_mini/

    Ok this is geeky to some, but astronomers, and they need PhDs usually to be hired, make over 100G's a year, depending on the location, so geek away!
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    Considering most of my servers have backgrounds from the hubble site (kick ass wallpaper) and I visit quite often. I am there dude. Thanks for the info I'll load it this weekend. On a Palm Tungsten TX.
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