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    how do they find out the cell phone

    i've seen all this web sites charging up to $400 for finding a cellphone number of a person. how do they do this ... is there such a thing as cell-phone white pages

    are cell-numbers public records

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    they might not be public
    but all the numbers used will be on a D/B somewhere

    otherwise how does the damn bill arrive each month
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    yeah ... but how can they get into private DB of some company

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    Most likely from an inside source, seems that's how most of these companies lose their DB's, a lot of companies who have clients or numerous accounts are potentially sitting on gold for some scammers/spammers, and with the right amount of money (everybody has a price) this information can be pried away from the most secure of places..
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    I haven't seen ones that will match a name to a number, but I have seen those that will get you records for a particular number, and for about half the price you mention. No doubt Dalek is right -- its inside sources, and social engineering, especially if you already have the number.

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    I have seen number of companies out-sourcing or sell information of people..... they charge handsome amount to give you details...... And as for where they get this information is quite simple marketing....... Even when we browse website or even offline we fill lots of forms and promotional items and we give away certain contact details.

    but how can they get into private DB of some company

    They might have someone who has the access of that information or might be working there!!
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    1. A lot of these "private dick (head)" companies are pure snake oil scams. They try to con people out of money for information that is in the public domain.

    2. Cell phone companies do have directory enquiries for their subscribers. Give them the account name and subscription address and they will give you the number. I believe that these databases can be purchased.

    3. If you state that you want your number ex-directory it will be. You will not be on the database but you WILL be in the financial records, as Foxy~ pointed out.

    4. If you buy a pay as you go phone they have no idea who you are. No matter what records they have access to.

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    There is no trick at all. Your cell phone is likely recorded on an application for credit somewhere that is then recorded with a bureau and anyone that has a business license can say they have legitimate access to said credit file and make a submission. Is it legal? Barely.
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    aahhh .. i think that would be the most likely route ... the "credit check" scam

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