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Thread: Asterisk PBX

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    Asterisk PBX

    My uncle gave me this hardware.....but I dunno anything about PBX....This is the hardware:

    GS-SR168 1U Socket 604 Rackmount
    *GA-9IVDPL Motherboard
    *Dual Intel Xeon  up to 3.8Ghz
    *Intel 8320 Chipset
    *2x SATA Hot-Swap Bays
    *1xSlim CDRom
    *500W PSU
    *ATI Rage XL with 8MB
    *Onboard Intel 6300 ESB supports SATA RAID 0,1
    *Dual Intel 82541GI GbE Network Adaptors
    *400 watt Xeon Power supply
    Current Configuration
    2x Intel Xeon 3.0Ghz 1mb cache
    1.0GB ECC DDR memory as 2x 512MB
    2x 120GB Seagate Serial ATA HDD
    Rack mount rail kit
    1x Digium TE210P (2x PRI Ports) or 1x Digium TDM400P (4x FXO Ports)

    OK, If you look on that hardware specs...what can you do...? I mean what will you install on it? and what are going to use it for?


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    thats a pretty powerfull machine... although usualy used in combination with other servers

    that is server hardware... ment to handle heavy loads fast and efficently...
    mail server... web server... ftp server... half life server *pick ur flavor of game*

    although... notice i keep saying SERVER

    you could use this for every day computing... but gaming i wouldnt reccomend beyond solitare and asteroids... video card wont handle it.

    as for what you install on it... i doubt windows home or pro will install on it nicely... a server edition of windows would work... but i would reccomend your favorite flavor of Linux

    to grab an iso go to www.linuxiso.org and look for one you know or would like to know
    if you dont know anything about linux the fine penguin fans here at this site can surely help you get on the right path
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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    I'd say your one lucky nephew... You could follow Hex's advice (good advice ), or you could probably sell that for a couple grand ...
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