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    if you are tired of the bloated adobe reader

    try this viewer

    no install required ... stand alone less then 1 mb

    FOXIT Reader

    hope it's useful ... nice for viewing pdf comix

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    It appeared to be a reasonable alternative until I read paragraph 4 of the License Agreement. Granted I didn't download the product to see to what extend those eval marks would affect it, however, "Foxit Reader may put evaluation marks onto your document when you use those functions and save the document." doesnt sound too appealing to me.

    Foxit Reader End User License Agreement

    4. EVALUATION USE: Some functions of Foxit Reader requires additional license to fully operate. If you use them with additional license, Foxit Reader may put evaluation marks onto your document when you use those functions and save the document. Foxit Reader will notify you when you use those functions for the first time. In order to use Foxit Reader, you must accept the consequences of any modification made by Foxit Reader when you save a document.

    License Agreement
    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Well you where right, it is indeed less bloated then Adobe, it loads quicker and has a nice look and feel to it.

    Indeed will be keeping this software installed.


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    i guess it's a valid point relyt but i don't really care ... i just read and print books from the net. it's perfect for that. it's just one exe .. you can't beat that

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    For Warned is for Armed..

    Thankyou unhappy and relyt.. the link and the warning
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