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    Silent Web Retailer HELP !

    I ordered a dvd from www.dotcomdvd.com in April and they sent me the wrong one, so i got a returns number and sent it back. It now June and i've been unable to get my money or a replacement DVD back from them. The problem is that no matter how many emails i send them they just don't reply. I've checked their website and have been unable to find any type of telephone number or address ... so all i seem to be able to do it keep emailing them in the hope that they will sort it out in some form or another.

    Any ideas of what more i could do ? Must i just give up and leave them with my money ?

    It's been over 17 business days now, and nothing.

    Any help would be great, thanks

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    how did you come across the site ?

    friends ?
    surfing ?
    advert ?
    EMail flyer ?

    I, personally, start with a site ONLY if someone I know has used them before ....

    I KNOW this isn't too practical, but it is a way to whittle down that HUGE list of EShops

    as for this one, keep on mailing them
    just do NOT use them again EVER

    and pass the word around to your friends

    [now re-read my first idea ]

    sorry guy, but you might just have to suck it up on this one

    luck to you though
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    Here is some more detailed contact info, including address and phone :


    Failing that, do you have some recourse through your credit card company ?

    Good luck.

    /edit : If you don't get any satisfaction, you could spend some time at the dozens of retailer review sites letting everyone else know what happened. A little googling didn't turn up much in the way of bad reviews, so yours would stand out. Send the links to them, it might just make them move. That kind of things really hurts a company like that. People are easily scared.

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    How did you purchase it? With a credit card? More often than not, you can dispute the charges with your bank or credit card company and get your money back. I *always* use VISA when buying online. I've never had a problem getting my $ back.

    I actually keep a separate checking account just for online purchases. It is a "free checking" account with no minimum balance. I don't have it tied to any other accounts (overdraft protection, etc.). I normally keep under $500 in there for online purchases. You can get the VISA check card and all your purchases are protected. If you have a problem, disupte with the bank and the bank will then take care of it. You should never hear about it again.

    I damage my card and get a replacement card at least once a year. Normally after christmas since thats when I do most of my online shopping. Then I can be sure that there are very few places that have my credit card numbers sitting in some database to be stolen.
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    Thanks alot for all your replies

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    Just to let you all know, i used the number that they had posted on someother site. At first no one was there, in fact i believe there was someone there but they were just picking up the phone and putting it down again. Anyway after ringing back 3 times in a row some guy picked up, i'm guessing he may have been the owner, and i explained what had happened, and within a short time i had the mone back in my account, but without the sending back money they had promised in there t&c's.

    Anyway if your interested here is my review on kelkoo i posted as recommended.


    Thanks for all your help and support !.

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