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Thread: "test" spams

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    "test" spams

    I've gotten dozens of these today. They appear to be standard spam, but the subject of every message is "test XXX", where "XXX" is an apparently random text string. My spam filter (IHateSpam) isn't catching any of them.

    Spam email

    X & N A X
    V A L " U M
    L E V " T R A
    M E R " D i A
    C " A L i S
    P R 0 Z & C
    S 0 M &
    V " A G R A
    A M B " E N

    all 50 % off - h t t p:// (Link Sanitized)


    It was Bilbo who found that out.
    Poor Mr. Baggins it was a weary long time that he lived in that
    place all alone, and always in hiding, never daring to take off his
    ring, hardly daring to sleep, even tucked away in the darkest and
    remotest comers he could find. For something to do he took to wandering
    about the Elven-kings palace. Magic shut the gates, but be could
    End spam email

    I'm neither brave (especially with my work system) nor knowledgeable, but if someone who is wants to check this out...the "test" line in the subject troubles me...
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    It just looks like spam to me..................advertising pharmaceuticals.

    The " and & are to throw off spam filters.

    Try adding "test" to your spam filter.

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    Had a ton of these showing up today as well - spam filters were catching them all, but nevertheless, we received a large amount of them... If you can add *test* to your filters, or I noticed that the words of the body are all the same, just arranged in different order - if you can add those words (X & N A X, V " A G R A, etc) to your filters, you should be good to go....
    - Maverick

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