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Thread: The RETURN of IRC

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    The RETURN of IRC

    Antionline IRC has returned! A select few of us see the unique value a live chat brings to our community here so from the ashes of infamy rises AntiOnline IRC.

    Want to talk about an antionline thread in real time with other community members?

    Want to talk about your latest security adventures?

    Have a question that needs to be answered?

    Come up with a new idea for a tutorial and want some help?

    Want to hear what others are working on?

    Connect to #antionline and help rekindle the live security discussions that helped originally build this community. We're just getting restarted but it will take your participation to make it succeed. So, join us and share your knowledge.

    *NOTE this is the Unofficial Offical IRC channel and as such is not officially endorsed by Jupiter Media*
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    Yep, you heard right.. AO's IRC SERVER IS BACK! COME ONE COME ALL! Oh, and *gasp* get this.. for the last few hours, security/information discussions have been going on!
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    I would take a moment to state that the IRC channel is in no way affiliated with on and so forth.


    See ya there.
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    So just for the record... This'd be like the 20th unofficial AO irc channel?
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    ..................and like all the previous AO IRC chans/nets...............there was some people on but everyone was idling........

    Ever see the bash quote which says "IRC is a multiplayer wordpad"

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    thanx 4 the info*

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    are you shitting me? after years of nearly everyone wanting it back..

    edit: nevermind, after reading the whole thread, I've decided my excitement was without warrant, and am now disappointed... thought it was a more of AO official thing, like the old

    edit #2: nevermind again, i suck. no one hangs out there hardly and i didn't realize this post was so old. Looks like we've got another failed attempt at irc'ing on the way.

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    Looks like we've got another failed attempt at irc'ing on the way.
    I know what you mean, i've been popping in a few times every day since this was announced, and there is always only 2 or 3 other people logged in, and they are either away or idling.

    kind of irritating how it didn't last long what with all the requests for jupmedia to re-open the original channel..

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    Ryan is probably correct:

    and like all the previous AO IRC chans/nets...............there was some people on but everyone was idling........
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