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Thread: Network program

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    Network program

    Here is my problem ...
    I have a computer with win98 installed and a program that uses its COM1. At home I have another pc with winXP that is in network with the 1st pc. I want to start the program on my home pc, but to use the 1st pc's COM1. I searched for some kind of shell, but can't find anything...
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    I didn't understand quite right what you want to do but if you want to connect to one pc getting a shell you do have some options:

    1'st: install a basic cygwin with ssh server running on the machine you want to connect to. --> more secure solution

    2'nd: you can use netcat to have a port on the machine you want to connect to with a command prompt shell --- less secure

    3'rd: use a VNC connection if you want GUI (e.g. UltraVNC) --> less secure directly but you can make it more secure if you use a ssh tunneling solution

    These were my ideas, if somebody has more...

    Anyway if these arent what you want, please explain in more detail.


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    I think I can clarify what he/she means. It looks like he/she wants to access a com port attached to one computer from the other computer. I think this should be possible (in theory anyway), a bit like when you access the com port directly through hyper terminal, you basically need something that relays this through some sort of telnet like shell, of course the difficult bit could be getting the software on the remote PC to the virtual com port we have created. I have attempted to "draw" this out, be sure to let me know if I am on the right tracks

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    Yes, my problem is something like this. Exactly ... I hava a program on the first pc that uses its COM1 port. I want on second pc to start this program from the first pc and to use it. But when I start it from the network it start uses the COM1 on 2nd pc not on the 1st. This is the problem.
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    Barov4e, is the Win98 machine used by anyone?
    If not, then there is this possibility, mentioned
    by ghostintheruins to install some VNC (tightVNC[1])
    server on the Win98 machine and remotely control that
    machine from the XP-box. If the machine is used, but the program
    can be controlled via the command shell, then you could
    install some telnet server[2] or openssh[3].
    Note that if data has been gathered via this specific
    application, this data is still stored on the Win98-machine

    virtual serial port drivers

    You might consider virtual serial port drivers[4]. The idea
    is to use a serial port redirector

    1. XP box: the driver connects the serial port to a tcp/ip-connection
    2. Win98 box: the driver connects a tcp/ip-connection to the serial port.

    This might be what c0br4 was talking about, but I am not

    Good luck


    [1] http://www.tightvnc.com/download.html
    [2] http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/N...ows_95_98.html
    [3] http://www.openssh.com/
    [4] e.g. http://no-serial.qarchive.org/
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    Thanks to everyone! I will try the virtual COMs and will post here the result.
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    MS has an RPC install for win98. you'll have to search technet for it. but if you install it and download systernals psexec.exe
    then you can just make a batch file on your desktop:


    psexec \\<98boxname or IP> -s -i -d c:\'program files'\prog_folder


    -d will start the program in a seperate memory space allowing psexec to close and the program to keep running

    -i will make the program run on the remotes desktop if it requirers a gui

    if your not running as admin of the domain you may need to include '-u admin'. you'll be prompted for the pwd.

    if you need info from the program using com on your 98 box and it's cmd line, pipe '|' it to netcat directing it to an NC server and port on your machine then redirect the output to a file

    proggie.exe|nc -vv <your machine> < port#>

    nc -L <port#> >>return.txt

    but you say you want to use it....it would be so much easier if you'd just tell us what it is instead of wasting our time making guesses
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