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    This is fricken scary

    Usually, they will simply copy and paste a published exploit with their own payload. But, it looks like they are now reverse-engineering the patches themselves,"

    geez.....clever little bastards...

    At least they need the released patch first....gives us a little bit of a chance

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    In some cases, banner advertisements on Web sites can be used to deliver the payload to vulnerable, unpatched machines.
    Scary, very Scary indeed.

    none the less interesting article. something i know i will be keeping an eye on.


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    Actually Morgana~ this has being going on for several years to my knowledge.

    MS would issue a patch and malware would appear almost immediately to exploit unprotected systems. OK this wasn't skiddies, these people could decompile and analyse the fix. Naturally this is a lot easier than discovering the vulnerability yourself.

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    So...the solution is???

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    I don't think there is any solution except to make sure you get patches installed as soon as they come out. The moral of this story is that laggards will suffer the consequences.

    As far as the "Banner thing," it's good to stay away from dodgy web sites, but then again, even legitimate web sites have been commandeered for nefarious aims.
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