Ok, here's what I'm facing. I'm a little confused on how to go about setting up the DNS servers on the network. Basically, we have (2) 2003 Standard Servers R2 acting as the Domain Controllers for our network. One is the "primary" DC and the other is a replication partner. I have the primary acting as the Global Catalog, Schema Master, and Domain Naming Master. The other is the Infrastructure Master, RID, PDC. This is all fine so far.
The "primary" DC is also the DHCP server (authorized) while the replication partner is not authorized to act as the DHCP server. Again, all fine so far.

Now, here's my confusion. Am I supposed to have each Domain Controller pointing to itself under TCP/IP properties as the primary & alternative DNS servers?
Also, in the DHCP scope, should I have the two Domain Controller's IP addresses listed for the DNS Servers under Server Options?

I read a few articles that seemed to indicate that you should define your DNS Servers to your Domain Controllers (one was a microsoft article). Any help would be appreciated guys. thanks.