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    Your 5 favourite albums at the moment ...

    Well lets see my 5 favourite albums at the moment would have to be:

    [1] Freak Kitchen -- Organic
    [2] Bumbelfoot -- Normal
    [3] Rage Against The Machine -- Evil Empire
    [4] Dream Theater -- Images And Words
    [5] James LaBrie -- Elements Of Persuasion

    ... What about you guys ?? and girls ??
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    I dont buy albums I pay to go to concerts and buy merch, that way the artist is still getting my money but I dont have to spend money on cds that have 20 songs, only 2 of which I like. I guess im a pirate arrrg! but a nice pirate lol
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    Bob Marley - Exodus or anything else by the prophet

    Les Paul - American Made World Played

    Mark Knopfler - Sailing to Philadephia

    Queensryche - Operation:Mindcrime

    Ramones - RamonesMania

    Now this is just lately, I have a taste for everything from the Misfits to SRV, from Blues Traveler to Soundgarden, from MegaDeth to Louis Armstrong. I'm quite eclectic. I don't think anything should be excluded. An open mind is a powerful mind.
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    Sublime - Robbin the Hood
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
    Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy
    Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake
    Dream Theater - Train of Thought
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    At the moment:

    System of a Down - Hypnotize/Mezmerize
    White Stripes - Get Behind Me, Satan
    Opeth - Ghost Reveries
    Sisters of Mercy - Some Girls Wander by Mistake
    Lou Reed - Berlin

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    soad - mezmerized
    the offspring - americana
    rammstein - reise reise
    green day - warning
    soad - toxicity
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    As of right now:

    Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory/Meterora
    Rush: The Remasters
    Disturbed: 10,000 Fists
    Panic! At The Disco: A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
    Nickleback: All The Right Reasons
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    Might as well pop in:

    1. All Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig

    2. All Rammstein

    3. Lords of Acid

    4. Exhumed - Gore Metal

    5. Acid Bath - When The KiteString Pops

    Those have been played a lot recently.

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    These are usually played when i get the chance.

    Bone Thugz N Harmony, - The Collection Vol1

    2pac - Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.

    2pac - 2Pacalypse Now

    2pac - Greatest Hits.

    Currently listening to Spit Your Game - Bone thugs feat B.I.G

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    filter - title of record
    crystal method - vegas
    prodigy - fat of the land
    the faint - wet from birth
    deftones - adrenaline
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