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Thread: Shock or no?: Gates to leave day-to-day role at Microsoft

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    Exclamation Shock or no?: Gates to leave day-to-day role at Microsoft


    Gates to leave day-to-day role at Microsoft

    Chairman to devote more time to charitable works.

    NEW YORK ( - Microsoft announced Thursday that chairman and co-founder Bill Gates will transition out of a day-to-day role at the company, effective July 2008, to spend more time working on his charitable foundation.

    I wonder what impact this will have...
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    It is quite surprising.. Although it had to happen eventually? And I'm not surprised he is retiring in 2 years' time (July 2008, to be precise)..

    An article with a slightly different twist to it was posted on Linux-Watch a few hours before that CNN article.. See it here: Is Gates' retirement Linux's chance?

    I have nothing to comment on that article
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