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Thread: A Headache of an Email Problem

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    Could also depend on the AV he is using and what the settings are for scanning POP and SMTP..

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    Is this only to certain addresses? They may be dropping your smtp connection and it's not a local mail server issue at all.
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    to confirm .........

    he can ALWAYS access from the office ?
    if the problem is when he's away
    then I'd check the SMTP settings real close

    also, have you 'sat in' as he has logged in ?
    have you observed his routine ?

    I'm assuming that no on else has these issues ?

    would they notice if you SHOT him
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    would they notice if you SHOT him
    ohhhh...how I have soooooo wanted to do that.

    Its is so funny...I have one site....as soon as ANY thing starts messing up...its always something wrong with the server\network....could never possibly be the end user or the application they just upgraded

    and mostly ends up being... a top level OSI layer problem

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    We're having a similar problem with Outlook 2003 on our network. Every now and again, we get SMTP server timeout error messages when people are attempting to send emails. Outbound emails get stuck in the Outbox and won't send.
    We checked every setting possible and couldn't find the cause. In any event, I have used two methods to date that seem to work:
    1) I close and restart Outlook, then send/receive
    2) I go into the outbox and re-open then send each email, one at a time

    I read the microsoft article and I think I might attempt adjusting the timeout setting as proposed in the article. Let me know how it goes. Good Luck.
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