Yes, well. I'll start and get out a confession before I join the ranks or AO members. I am currently a script kiddie. I have hardly any programming experience and all i have ever learned is from taking apart programs that other people have built and seeing what does what. I really want to learn how everything works and computers fascinate me.

Languages I currently know:


I dont know hardly anything as you can see, but if someone could point me to a few tutorials or guide me along the path of the 31337. That'd be pretty kick ass. I enjoy music, writing tutorials, and of course...computers. My favorite Bands are, System of a Down, Brighteyes, Cradle of Filth, and Kittie.

Things i can provide for this forum"

Parts. Any computer part you can think of, from the new beta P5's to RAM, Hard drives, Hardware Keyloggers. If you can think it i probably have it. If you have questions about this PM me.