hey all!!

well i love playing the game neverball... and neverputt... opensource game for linux that is addictive beyond all reason.


well.. when you compile this program it didnt really have an install.. it just built in the src directory.

well i was getting tired of

$cd neverball*

SOOO i decided to get dirty and write my first script!!!

i did some google searching and found this link


this was entirely responsible for me learning linux scripting... although from looking at them before i kinda knew what had to be where... so i knew what it should look like etc etc

and after some trial and error it worked!

its too simple but fantastic for a first throw at programming/scripting i think

it asks you to choose between neverball and neverputt
then it reads the keyboard output as $choice

then if choice equals 1 it launches neverball... if it equals 2 it launches neverputt...

if it equals 3 or more it says to choose 1 or 2 and exits.

simple... before i knew what code to use at all i was able to picture what the script would need to do and how i might be able to do it... i think that helped me being it gave me an idea of what i need to look for

in order for the program to work the neverball src dir needs to be in your home folder or ~...
i might expand on this and make it search for it...

SO comments, questions anyone?