Hi LA, thanks for the info. Shortly after my last posts to this thread, I got a HUGE influx of work, and have spent very little time doing further research on that aspect. I've been fairly happy just running the executable I made to sequentially access the individual apps. I will, however, need to revisit these issues in the not-too-distant future.

The Lexar "flip removable bit" item sounds interesting, but I don't have a sandbox set up on this computer, so nothing personal, but I won't be downloading that until I have a safe place to open it and crawl around in it's innards before letting it loose anywhere important!

I do thank you for making it available, and I look forward to investigating what part of the app controls that removable bit and what it is really talking to and changing to make that happen.

If/when I find anything, I'll post here. It may be a few months... but it'll show.