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    Question how do i open port 23 on my router

    i hav recently bougth a cisco router. i want to open port 23 so that i can telnet to it frm my laptop.
    how do i do this????

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    Using telnet is not considered to be a good idea these days.

    Please take a look at SSH


    If you google for "cisco router" and look for "ssh" within the results you will find quite a few articles and tutorials on the subject.

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    Depending on what Cisco router it is, you will have to set a password before it will excpet telent connections, or atleast tell it you dont want a password.

    If it is a small home router type thing you may just have to set a rule for it or open it up on the port filtering menu.

    If it is a commercial router the following commands will set the password

    conf t
    line vty 0 4
    passowrd "your password".

    It usually returns an "error password not set" message if this is the case.

    If you still cant telent, check that no ACL's have been set up blocking port 23.

    SSH is available on cisco router for IOS 12.1.3 and later IIRC but you need to configure it before you can use it, which can be different on different IOS's.

    If you post the make & IOS version of your router it may be a bit easier to help!
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