Hello cyberworld

So as many of you I've intstalled Windows Vista Beta 2 and started testing it.
For me (I've got it running on a brand new dual core laptop) it's running great, it's very fast, and surprisingly stable for being a Beta, I haven't found any major bugs yet, maybe some annoyances but that could be just me.

Anyway ... Since Microsoft decided not to include an antivirus , I need to install one myself, now ok ...Which one I thought... Since the Antivirus solution (Mcafee enterprise 8i) I use for my other boxes at the moment, doesn't realy work on Vista (It can be installed, but doesn't do automatic updates and the on-access scan isn't reliable), I needed to find a (temporary) replacement.

So I went searching, seems like CA has a free antivirus version that works on Vista, you have to register and you get a mail with instructions, website HERE .

Also TrendMicro seems to offer antivirus for Vista (what a surprise right ) as can be seen HERE .

These 2 are the ones I'm sure about the support for Vista, Mcafee has some beta antivirus ready (or almost I'm not sure) that would also work on Vista.

Has anybody got any other experience with antivirus or experience with the ones mentioned ?