Trend Micro: Open source is more secure

We've known this when each and everyone of us started using open-source...Apparently, we need some "security company" to acknowledge this as well.

"Open source is more secure. Period," Raimund Genes, chief technical officer for anti-malware at Trend, said.
Is this news? Not really. But its kind of odd, isn't it?

On one hand, you have a company like Kaspersky Labs delibrately putting out FUD and statistics that they pulled out of their arse, to scare open-source users...And then you have Trend Micro, acknowledging that open-source is a better way to go, in regards to security. Of course, they end the article with a bit of Microsoft arse kissing.

"Microsoft is on the right track. It's now promoting access control, which was introduced by Unix. No one thinks of running Unix in root," Genes said.
No $hit.