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Thread: Getting Error 676, Dial up Connection

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    Getting Error 676, Dial up Connection

    Hi all,

    I am trying to connect through my dial up connection.
    I am directly connecting the phone line with my laptop.

    I am getting Error 676, but I am unable to hear any dial tone.

    Do any one has any clue, why this is happening.

    thanks and regards,
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    As per a Google Search and one of the first hits, apparently Line is busy

    Have you checked for volume control on your modem?
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    * You are dialing the wrong number
    * There is a problem at your ISP or in the telephone network
    * You have voice-mail or other custom calling feature that produces a stutter dial-tone
    * You haven't specified the proper country settings for your modem and the number you are dialing, or your modem doesn't support the country you are in.
    * If you include the disable call waiting code in your dialing, and your phone line does not support call waiting; or, if you have call waiting, but your phone company doesn't support the disable call waiting code.

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    Maybe the modem has died a slow and painful death, and it's time to pull it out bury it appropriately and replace it..

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    I have checked everything mentioned above. Everything is fine except what front2back has suggested. Can anyone plz tell me how to test whether modem is fine or not?

    I tried to Query Modem, it results in success.
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    Some things I have tried with modems...

    Tell it not to wait for a dial tone...

    and put commas in the string...

    say we dial 9 to get out...

    I will put 9,, with the 2 commas then the phone number...commas are considered pauses

    I also had one dell the needed commas after the phone number


    Slows down the handshake........

    You can also try to remove the lsa extensions on the moden connection properties

    Also can depend on your line quality...we had one line that wouldnot connect or drop the connection due to interference on the line...(win modem)

    After repeatedly calling the telco about it they responded....."it is voice quality....and thats what we pay for."

    The only way to resolve was to ensure that we had quality hardware modems....external

    Try a different one.....

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