My home network is small, about 6 or 7 people use it, we all split the cost. I started noticing strange lag on my pc. It was interfering with my mmo, so naturally it was a priority issue. Picture alarms, flashing lights, and screaming coming from a loud speaker. I first check my pc's firewall log for any thing weird, and low and behold, there is. Im getting dropped connections from an ip on my network that has no reason to connect to my pc. So I check the connected devices list and nothing too unusual, all the regulars and the new guy. hmmm.
Now i did mention this issue has top priority right? I decide to block the port from connecting to my pc at the router thats generating the traffic. This should solve the issue, but no, port scanns start, same ip, but the subnet has changed. Now Im thinking the new guy on the network is up to something shifty. Now I have to make some changes on my pc to capture traffic in promiscious mode since im conneting via wireless. Im just about ready to bridge my 1394 connection with my wireless connection so ethereal can grab traffic (i dont know why this works), before I do I want to check the routers connected devices list to make sure of the mac addresses im going to filter.
Newguy's ip address isnt the one generating traffic, its the @#$@#$!!! new network printer.
I had to laugh at my self. You can laugh at me too if you want, the $%$% funny.