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    I Please ask for a moment of silence

    Saturday, June 17th 2006..
    Mr. Robert Cross, director of the Bradley Bourbonnais Highschool Band passed away from a heartattack.

    If there was ever a person who allowed me and encouraged me to use my talent, both in music or technology... Mr. Cross was that man.

    He was the best conductor I have ever had the honor or playing under.

    He will be missed grately.. Our band will never be the same.

    I know none of you probably know this man.. but i please ask that you give a moment of silence for him.

    Your legacy of excelence will live on Mr. Cross... we will not forget you and will not let you downl.
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    Losing someone who influenced your life is so hard to do! I lost a teacher who really meant a lot to me, and who opened a whole world up to me, and it seemed like such a huge loss - it was sad for me personally, but I think what really hit me was the number of people she wasn't going to be able to touch in the future.

    The best thing you can do to remember him is never ever forget what he taught you, and try to pass it on to others in the same manner you received it.
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    Sorry my friend................... it is a great thing to see a teacher respected by his students in this day and age.

    I will have a Mass said for him

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