Hey all,

Just a few quick questions.

I have 10.2 Slackware installed and recently starting working with Snort. I have 2.4.4 installed currently and noticed that 2.6.0 is out. How do I upgrade snort to the newer version? I am new to slack and also snort so to me this is a little confusing..lol

Also, as far as Snort is concerned, I am reading a book "Snort 2.0" on the ins and outs. I feel some of the information may be dated. It talkes about using ACID and mysql, but I thought I recently saw something saying that ACID was a little dated for todays use.

I am sure there are people still using ACID and do not want to offend anyone, but what is the most recent recommended method of setting up reporting. A freind of mine mentioned snortsam, but I am sure there are others out there.

I am planning on deploying snort on my network, just about 10 hosts and 3 servers. I have it in place and just need to make sure I do this the smartest way possible..lol

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!