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    dangers of limited account?

    hi ,
    and ty for your quick response as usual.
    Just interested is it any "danger"of surfing on limited account?
    can you be owned on it?
    what security risk is there if any if you use microsoft messenger,skype on limited account?
    I am just curious.
    I am conected tru router modem.

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    Just interested is it any "danger"of surfing on limited account?
    The "dangers" are a lot less as opposed to doing it on an admin account.

    can you be owned on it?
    You can still run bad files. And if there's a way to leverage additional privileges you can still get "owned". So you still need to make sure your machine is up2date.

    what security risk is there if any if you use microsoft messenger,skype on limited account?
    The risks are the same but the "reach" of the malware is seriously limited.
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    There is a lot less of a chance of your system getting pwned while using the limited account, as the limited account has less user priveledges, ie you cannot install programs/ delete vital files etc..

    although it is still possible to get pwned, but you would need to be running the computer without a firewall or antivirus installed amongst a few other things.

    But other then that you have a less a chance of getting pwned then what you would if you were using the Administrator account for everyday use..


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    There is always danger, but the question is how do you mitigate it. Surfing on a limited account is actually recommended since drive-by downloads and malware have a tougher time installing. Surfing w/ admin account, they can just download and install as administrator.

    Using Messenger and Skype on a limited account is just about the same thing. If an exploit comes out for one of them and you are running it as administrator, and you get attacked, you just got pwned (or whatever it is that you kids say nowadays) as where if it is on a limited accout, not as much damage can be done.

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    thnks litle bit more clear now.and btw like your coment about kids(or whatever it is that you kids say nowaday)
    i am 41 old kid
    ty once again

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    Run your browser as a different restricted user than the one you work on. (i.e. if you work on user John, run your browser as user JohnBrowser) Make sure that JohnBrowser cannot execute any files and malware should be pretty well crippled. JohnBrowser should only be allowed to read/write from/to the necessary temporary internet files.

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    The obvious question... What do you mean by 'limited account'

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    windows has a couple of accounts 'built in'


    this one owns the PC, and can do just what it likes, as the PC will accept admin commands without question

    the other is 'limited'
    this one can surf and play, but should it decide it wants to load new apps to play with the PC will not allow it to because it is LIMITED in its ability to damage the system

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    This question has already been answered so I will only add two cents:

    For years I ignored all warnings about not to use your computer under Admin. I suffed the concequences when after examination it apeared some rootkit was installed. I have since taken these warnings more seriously, I run now as limited, and find I have to "run as" Admin to do alot of things, but the extra effort seems worth it.

    I have also stoped using IE based browsers and turned to Firefox. Running under Administrator using Internet Explorer was the worst mistake I ever made. It didnt mater what I used for antivirus, viruses and malware were still getting in.

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    I would say though, that the term "limited account" in windows is horribly undescriptive. Can I install? Can I burn? Can I access this area? I much prefer the linux system of management where you can give users access to the wheel for absolute admin access and assign permissions for burners, etc on a needs-only basis.
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