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Thread: Email Headers

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    Email Headers

    I have a few questions. I've looked up on Google about how to read headers some of the pages aren't loading for me (my router is cause I think!!) so hopefully you can help me.

    X-Originating-IP: This is the senders ip?

    X-Originating-Email: This is the senders email addy?

    Received: This is the email server the sender email was sent through?

    X-Message-Info: Unsure

    X-OriginalArrivalTime: The time the email was received by the recipients mail server?

    Return-Path: The senders email?

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    would it be possible to redo th equestion so that it IS a question ? please ......

    are you looking JUST for info on the message info ?
    try reading it

    is there a 'reason' for your request ?
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    Just intereested to know

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    X-Originating-IP is usually in emails that weren't sent from the big service providers, it is the IP address of the computer that actually sent the email (user's, not SMTP server's).
    X-Originating-Email is usually added for spoof protection (against people who fake the 'From' line. It's the sender's email.
    The Received header shows the path of the email through mail servers across the net. First part is the sender, second is the recipient.

    ...and this is where I got lazy.

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