hey all!

weirdest thing.. im using ubuntu 6.06... love it so far.. so easy to use.

in slackware and fedora i can hook up my ipod just fine.. transfer files just fine..

but in ubuntu no.

my thumbdrive works great, my multicard reader works fine.

my ipod works perfect aswell.. but when i mount it and read it i run into problems.

'sudo mount /dev/sdf2 /mnt/ipod -t vfat'
mounts just fine

'cd /mnt/ipod'
'ls ./'
'backup/ clanendar/ notes/'
'cd ./backup'
'cp ./* ~/backup/'
then i get I/O errors.

'cd ../'
'ls ./' <-- noting outputs.. im in /mnt/ipod

the entire file system disapears.
unmount.. disconnect... reconnect.. mount... its all back.. try it again.. same problem

anyone run into this?