Despite my join date I'm new here...

I purchased Webroot's Window Washer 6.0 last week and installed on XP Pro from an account with Administrator privileges. One of the questions asked on installation was whether I wanted all accounts to access it, to which I ticked the Yes box.

The other 2 accounts I have are Limited - as these are mine and my partner's normal day-to-day accounts for browsing, email, MS Office and so on. The Admin account I like to keep for installing software and general maintenance stuff. Normal enough setup, really.

Anyway, it now appears Window Washer will only work properly from accounts with Admin privileges. Indeed, clicking on the shortcut on the Desktop of the user accounts (copied from the Admin desktop) gives an access error (can't remember exact message, I'm at work), yet the path does exist.

This, I think, is a serious flaw. One of the advantages of Limited accounts is damage limitation from malware - yet this product will only work on accounts that leave you more susceptible to it.

Even with a firewall and anti-virus installed, is it still recommended you don't use Admin accounts for browsing, or is this outdated advice?

I realise that in order to be most effective and clear the stuff that other "washers" don't, the process is going to require certain privileges, but this limitation, as I see it, should have been made more obvious before I bought it.

I emailed a support call two days ago and asked if it was possible to run from the Admin account but to also specify the Folders/Areas specific to the normal user accounts that could be included in the 'wash' as if it were being run from those accounts. I haven't had a reply.

In hindsight, I should have done more research and perhaps just gone with a free option like CCleaner instead. I'm also considering Firefox instead of IE - presumably it's a relatively straightforward dowload/install?

Maybe I should look into getting a refund.

Has anyone else used this product and worked it out, or am I being pedantic?

Your thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.