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    It's a gas!
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    For all you Scots!

    Seen this on the bbc's website for anyone interested in a bsc in ethical hacking.

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    Re: For all you Scots!

    As intruiging as it sounds, I'd never enroll in something like that--especially if you undergo government screening before it. People are already afraid of the goverment watching them, taking this course would be begging to be monitored, no?
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    will also face a tough government vetting process to ensure students do not enrol with the intention of using their skills to break the law.
    That is the biggest load of B/S I have heard in a long time

    1. How do you determine someone's intent BEFORE THE FACT?
    2. Most students are aged 18~19 so they are not likely to have criminal records?
    3. Those who do have criminal records are unlikely to have the required academic qualifications to get on the course?
    4. Most stuff taught at batchelor of science degree level is not exactly what you would call "cutting edge", let alone zero-day.
    5. People with criminal intent are far more likely to learn their trade in the "University of Life" than any academic institution.

    Evil Moo I do not think that people in the UK are particularly worried about being monitored by our authorities. Major issues recently have been their failure to monitor convicted foreign criminals awaiting deportation and keeping paedophiles out of our education system

    Not to mention illegal immigrants, benefits fraudsters, identity thieves and so on........................

    The whole issue sounds more like an attempt to gain some sort of authenticity and publicity?

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