Good day to one and all of the Anti-Online community I have a question and I'm not sure how to proceed.

My company currently has an external company that has been making a new website and just recently they wanted us to check out their work. I was told to visit a link, but noticed that anytime I tried to access it from our internal network it would give me a "page not found" screen. I thought this was odd as anyone from outside our network could see the proper page.

I went to dnsstuff and tried to find out some more information and came across something strange. The IP address listed for our site differs from what our internal network lists as our IP address for our website. I am not sure why this is, but apparently the IP address that is listed when I ping our site from our network is from our old website that we had hosted from a company called Pair Networks. Everything outside our network goes to our website hosted by the new company, but internally we cannot get to our site at all and the IP is definatly wrong which I assume is causing us to arrive at a page not found screen.

What would cause this and what can I check to resolve this? I have tried to flush the dns on my computer but to no avail (perhaps I should do this on the servers?). Is this a problem with our router? firewall? or one of our servers? Why would being inside our office route us to the wrong IP/website and who/what is the culprit causing this to happen? Thanks in advance for your time and help.