I'm "donating" an "old" pc of mine to a group of 6 foreigners to use while they are in the states.

I met them in my apartment complex. All six of them happen to be the lifeguards at various pools in the surrounding communities. They have no TV or internet connection and have been quite bored in the evening. (our "business office" is closed after 5pm and they can't access it again until the morning. They only have a 1-2hr window of when they can use the internet for email and what have you and they're all "fighting" over the two terminals due to time restrictions)

They are all very inteligent. All of the guys have a background in electrical eng. and misc. computer programming in .net and whatnot. So, I don't want to take the security by obsecurity approach to this. It just happens that they can make more money here as a life guard than as an electrical eng. or programmer in their country! It amazes me...

Anyway, the pc I'm donating is a Win2K pIII 1ghz with 256mb ram with a 20 gig hd. This PC *did* have a banking application on it. However, no data should ever have been stored on this PC. IT should all have been on a server. (other than what was in RAM or the pagefile)

I've removed all applications and user profiles except for the bare minimum. I've combed over the filesystem to make sure that all programs were removed and nothing was left over. I also set the pagefile to clear at shutdown. Then I rebooted a couple of times to clear the pagefile.

I then copied over a dvd image and copied it several times so it filled the HD (overwriting all data). Then I deleted the ISO images and ran defrag. I then copied all the images back again filling the HD again. When I deleted them the second time, I did it with a program called eraser.

It overwrote the ISOs 7x each with random data. (US DoD 5220.22-M)

Then I did the wipe slack space (unused disk space) and used the option to overwrite 35x. (Gutmann)

So, in theory... the freespace where the previous programs resided should have been overwritten 42x by now.

I've ran several data recovery utilities to make sure that data couldn't be found.

Every data recovery tool I used (freeware and shareware) was not able to find any data worth while to recover.

Is there any other steps you'd take before letting them borrow the pc?