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    How do posts get booted?

    My question is this, AO has a "main page" as you all know. When you make it new post it goes there for a while so people can respond. what determines when your post leaves the "main page"?
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    1) New threads.
    2) Response to other threads.
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    wow, you have been here for how long and made how many posts and you haven't figured that out on your own????


    lol..... oh well.... now you know....

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    Best thread ever.
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    *looks at The Texan's profile then looks at the thread*

    Help me out here...I don't get HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THAT?

    I...I..am trying so hard here to be nice...ARRGH, but this takes the cake for the month.

    I'd seriously delete this thread to avoid all embarrassment. MY GOD.
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    take christina's advice
    delete and move on

    and remember
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    Ah! but why has no one given the correct answer? and I am not absolutely sure that this is all of it because I cannot be bothered to mess around testing.


    1. The front page has 24 "slots" for posts.
    2. What :Singh: said is fundamentally correct.
    3. On the front page, under "Member Options" the last one in the first set is "Edit Front Page Display".
    4. You are taken to a table where YOU decide what goes on the front page of YOUR display.

    The underlying rule is that "last entered/updated goes first", which is #2 above.

    As you might expect, a moderator will have everything apart from "archives" so would see the last 24 new or updated posts.

    Others would see older posts, depending on their personal selections.

    If you look at the bottom left of the posts list you will see "View More Active Topics". That will show you more posts (over 24 because it paginates) and seems to refresh every 24 hours.

    After that you need to look at individual forums, and after that at the archives.

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    Nihil, come on now, I think it's time we mods come clean. The hint was "gore has a legion of little leprachauns trying to steal that shiny pot of positive APs". We pay the little elvish people in APs every night to come online and wave their magic wand over AO, and threads dissapear based on suckage.

    Now you know.


    DEAR GOD! MY UNIX LINUX BSD SECURITY TIPS THREAD IS GONE FROM THE FRONT PAGE TOO! Ugh, I'm SO stealing those little Bastard's Lucky Charms.

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    I don't think the question was that simple, as I look at the new posts (while logged in) I see the patriot act must die...08:39 pm, but if I log out the top post is How do posts get booted 12:16Am, so you gurus can you explain that one...
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