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Thread: Resume Question

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    Resume Question

    I have worked as an Independent Contractor for my last two jobs. How would you put this on your resume? Since I don't technically work for the company that contracted me or the company they contracted me to work for. Any examples would help... Thanx!!!

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    have you checked this out dude? http://community.monster.com/Forums/...spx?ForumID=50

    seems like they'd probably be able to help a bit more, maybe not..

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    I too have contracted my way through my CV / Resume
    I set my paper out to show where I worked, and who it was for.
    no mention of the agency that hired me
    as I do not feel they are required
    I do add [Contract] to those jobs that were .......ie


    employer - position - with relevant dates underneath

    software house Network Consultant [Contract]
    Sep 2005 Nov 2005
    Feb 2006 - Date
    Duties inc ........

    Health England - User Support[Contract]
    Dec 2005 Feb 2006
    Duties inc ........

    Bank User Support [Contract]
    Sep 2005 Sep 2005
    Duties inc ........

    Health Wales - User Support[Contract]
    May 2005 Sep 2005
    Duties inc ........

    Business Solutions - IT Tech Support CheshireJul 2004 May 2005
    Duties inc ........
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    Another approach would be something like this:

    Employer: XYZ Consultancy Partnership [October 2000 - Date]

    Position: Contract Project Manager (add others here if there is more than one)

    Duties: Managing projects through the full development cycle (....etc.)

    Business Sectors:

    Finance: 6 months
    Defence: 36 Months
    Insurance: 12 Months
    Retail: 12 months (ongoing)

    This is if you want to mention the company you actually worked for. For example they might be well known and respected, and they are the ones who can confirm your continued employment throughout the period.

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