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    Hi ! The password of windows 2000 of my company has been lost and I can not restart the server because it is runing Sap and the keyword perhaps it is broken. I can not install nothing im the server because it is block. Anybody know how to crack by network the password administrator or How to obtain the sam without the password administrator,beacause i can map the c$ bat i have not the password of any user ??All my network is a workgroup.

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    oh!!! I know!!! ASK THE SYS ADMIN and delete this post before you get banned.
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    i can map the c$ bat i have not the password of any user ??All my network is a workgroup.
    Euhmm ...Right ... You can map c$ ...And have no password of any user ... Why should you need to change the admin password then ...Seems you have no bussiness doing that ... If you would administer this network then you should be able to change any password of any user ...Or am I mistaking here ?? ...

    Also ... This is a workgroup ?? What is ... Is it a SAP workgroup or a Windows Workgroup ...

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    Here's a bit of advice. Sentences starting out with:"Anybody know how to crack..." usually don't do too well here. Maybe you're confused what kind of site this is?
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    Maybe it's a language barrier?
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