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    Hi guys,

    I am trying to download snortrules-snapshot-CURRENT_s.tar.gz but..after register and login..I have to pay some money as a registered user with an active subscription to download this file...

    I just wondering..if I can download free one, I've got snort-2.4.5 installed.

    Will that be old snort rules working on snort 2.4.5? old snort rules is from here http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/infosys/secur...downloads.html

    Look like I have to pay..to download that file..

    Any suggestion?


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    I think what you're looking for are the community rule sets.
    These are free.

    Community rules:
    In addition, the VRT is pleased to announce that will be maintaining a community ruleset that contains rules submitted by members of the open source community. While these rules are available as is, the VRT performs basic tests to ensure that new rules will not break Snort. These rules are distributed under the GPL and are freely available to all open source Snort users.
    Get them HERE , bottom of the page.

    But if you're registered you can download the VRT rules to, only, it will be 5 days after they come out for the paying customers ...If you can live with that then there's no problem is there.

    Read about the rules HERE

    It's all explained on snort.org

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    They are still free, just don't sell them to anyone else. That's basically it.

    The VRT rules are the best set over all the set. Beware though, the "CURRENT" set are basically... cvs rules. If you don't want the cvs rules, use the stable rules.

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