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    PDF Rainbow Table

    Are there any programs that use rainbow tables to crack PDF’s? I wanted to write some but do now know how they are cracked.

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    The older pdf encryption schemes were very weak, and mainly relied on encryption thru obscurity and can be cracked very easily with a 100% success rate. Just goolge around a bit to learn the algorithm specifics...

    As far as newer and more recent versions. I beleive they use the RC4 algorithm, so this is going to require a little more work. Basically the idea is to attempt to brute force the pdf, and after every attempted decryption, you check the file to see if it conforms to a valid pdf format. If it doesn't you try another password from the table, and repeat until you get a valid pdf format...Either way, it's a lot of work...

    Have you tried googling for a pdf cracker yet?
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