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Thread: New Security Bill

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    No argument there Nihil. In modern times a lot of laws are passed just to sort of appease a certain group of voters. They are almost never enforceable. But no one will stand up and say, this is completely ludacris. These are fluff. Get out of congress. Go back to your bath house, farm, coffee shop, art gallery, ranch, home or where ever the hell you come from. In many cases it is a mansion full of servents and a private jet parked at the airport.
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    side issue

    As I, and a few other members here on AO, were affected by the VA incident, I started doing more research and found out the that 3 major credit reporting agencies have no laws governing the accuracy of their reporting! So if you are/were affected by fraud and it gets to those agencies - they just put it up on your record - without verification or checking to see if it was fraud. I checked with the agencies some time ago, and they had 3 different aliases for my name and when questioned how this could be, they replied "we accept input from various organizations" when questioned about verification, I got white noise. So an enforceable law here would be a good start as well... you know what - I'm going to contact my State rep on this now!

    /side issue
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