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Thread: AO mirc events

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    AO mirc events

    First, I'm really glad to see the chat room up. I had to see it for my self.

    Now my suggestion is holding events, mabey like for an hour or so have a set topic. Possibly with a main speaker on whatever the discussion is about. just an example, say hogfly could have the channel to go of on the topic of foresics or ids. Ideas could be passed really quick and even the lurkers could learn a lot.

    Another suggestion, allow whois queries to display idle times, chances are if someones been idle for 2 or more hours likely their afk. Just thought I'd through this out there.

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    Seems like a nice idea...

    But first we really need to get more members/users to actually get into the room, and actually start talking instead of idling and not saying anything..

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    If I were running that channel, here is what I'd do in the following order:

    2) Come up with kewl ideas like yours.
    4) Attempt to get JupMed to endorse it after it has run successfully for a while.

    Get the idea?

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    ..so you think the IRC channel should be promoted??
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    Originally posted here by Nokia
    ..so you think the IRC channel should be promoted??
    A bit of promotion wouldn't do any harm, maybe some big writing on the homepage.

    BTW: the thread title seems odd, isn't mIRC just an application for using IRC? Or is it something differnt and I'm being kept in the dark?
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