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    Users still with Win XP SP1

    Not so good news for those who still haven't upgraded to SP2, you will have until:

    (Note: After October 10, 2006, Windows XP Service Pack 1 will transition to a non-supported status. Upgrade to Windows XP SP2 now for continued security updates and incident support.)

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    sheesh, i still running the pirated Devil Owns version XP pro with no service packs. Still runs like a champ.

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    I ran into this a while back. My Cd is the original XP. I nuked a hard drive and had to reload after the original XP was unsupported.

    If you go to Microsofts update website and choose administrator options, you can manually download the cumulative SP2 package (hope you have a fast "pipe" for an internet connection).

    If you visit http://www.theeldergeek.com you can learn how to build a slipstreamed version of your XP disc.

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    nebulus200, each time I've reinstalled Windows I've had to run that SP2 hack to open unlimited connections rather than the 10 default ones. I've got a program that works every time - I choose to use the unlimited switch but you can set it to 50 which may well be enough for most people.

    If you want to run it, I could upload it to a site you could download from. I'd offer to email it, but no doubt as an exe file it would get dumped along the way.

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