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    Happy Birthday Canada!

    Well just in case some of you didn't know this, today (July 1st) is Canada Day (well it is in Canada anyway). This great nation is 139 years old today.

    We may not very often show our patriotism, but this day is the exception. I will be marching the streets today with a big Canadian flag painted on my face, and wearing nothing but Canadian flags. I love my country and everything it stands for.


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    Wooohoooo Happy Birthday Canada ... I'll have a BBQ with Canadian Bacon today in honour

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    And I'm in the US celebrating my nation's holiday. LOL... I get two for the price of one given the proximity of Detroit to Windsor. Happy B-day to both great nations!
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    139 years old today.
    And she hasn't aged a day, and still has the body of a 21year old.

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    Happy Dominion Day Canada....woot...(so sue me, I'm old school).....

    Canada/Dominion Day


    Those weekends in Windsor during this time have to be the best of both, the fireworks display's are awesome (usually 3 very large barges in the middle of Detroit river, stretching from the Ambassador bridge to the Detroit Zoo, at least it used to be). Great times (sigh)
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    Cheers to all the AO Canadians. Have a nice holiday.

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    Happy Birthday Canada!!!!!

    I am very proud to be Canadian......

    It is a beautiful day here in Central Ontario....Lots of people out celebrating

    Today I am gardening...and having my mom and brother over for a BBQ.kids are at the cottage with their dad doing typical Canadian things....swimming...boating...water skiing....tubing etc

    My honey is fishing up in Georgian Bay.....

    I would have gone but I have to work tommorow updating servers...and tax tables

    ....but I am gonna enjoy today

    Time to myself.........a very rare thing these days

    Wishing everyone a happy and safe day!!

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    Happy Canada Day everyone ...

    Now where did I put my fireworks again ???
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    Having been to Canada myself I can say with a little more enthusiasm than most.... HAPPY CANADA DAY! and the 4th is almost here for us so HAPPY ALMOST 4TH TO AMERICA!
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    Hey! So it's Canada's birthday, I can salute that just fine. It's been quite awhile since I tipped a brew, so I guess this is as good as an excuse as any. Cheers to the Northern Neighbor!
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