I recently purchased a new motherboard, processor, memory and cpu fan to upgrade an existing system. After I have everything physically installed on the MB, I hook power to it and can not get the system to boot.

To make things even stranger when I run my CD-Roms to the IDE2 spot on the MB, the CD-Roms quit functioning, then when I unhook the ribbon cable from the IDE2 they begin to work again. Almost like they quit receiveing power.

Another odd happening that accompanies my CD-Rom issues is I am unable to get the Integrated VGA to work, I thought well maybe it's a bad port, so I hook up and AGP card and still cant get anything to show up on my monitor.

I can hear the HD start up and i know it is good. Any possible solutions?

Here is what im running:

Abit AG -80 MotherBoard
Intel Clereon D 3.20ghz
512mb PC 3200 @400mhz
Integrated SiS 256mb Graphics
300Watt Power Supply

By the way, all of this equipment is straight out of the box......

Help me!