I have just bought a 160G USB HD, and was going to attempt to install linux on it, so when I plugged it in the computer before startup i could boot off of it so my parents could still use windows, but I cannot get the choice to partition it or even to reformat it to put on linux.
I tried partition logic first to partition it, and it didn't even show the drive. (im assuming that it can't read it because it doesn't have USB drivers)
Then I just tried using an install CD for linux to install it, but it didn't give me the choice to install it on the removable HD. I have tried everything I can think of, and apparently, I didn't think of everything, unless this is not possible, but I have seen it been done on USB flash, so why not on an HD..i don't know, mabie i'm wrong.
The drive works fine for storage in every OS I've booted up in (all the linux CD distros i downloaded within the last few days, haha; and windows), I just can't get it to work as a bootable drive. I really would like to have multiple partitions when I put linux on if thats possible. Any help is appreciated!

I just realised that it might be possible to treat it like a Flash drive and put on puppy linux or something, but with 160G, I would want a more 'full' linux (with more apps), like SuSE.